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About us

We are a second generation family business with over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture and distribution of infrastructure and solutions for the poultry and the agro food sector.


We are not only in the Iberian Market but we have also developed projects in several countries such as Angola, Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Italy and Mexico.


We offer a quality service, working together with our clients, assessing, advising, presenting solutions every step of the way though the implantation stage.


Our clients value our commitment to excellence and our strong emphasis on close working relationships.  That's why we are their supplier of choice.


We have formed a young, dynamic, flexible and professional technical team able to offer   solutions to everything from small project consultancy to KEY-IN-HAND PROJECTS, in both the poultry and agro-food sector, ensuring integrated solutions and enabling our clients to meet requirements of the most demanding certification processes.


Our experience and commitment to excellence has brought us together with two multinational companies in Spain, TECNO POUTLRY EQUIPMENT, in the poultry farming sector, and SANOVO TECHNOLOGY, which specializes in equipping facilities for the manufacture of egg products. These alliances mean that we can offer our clients a state of the art, highly profitable product.






Our installations (2,900m2) in the PARQUE TECNOLOLÓGICO DE BOECILLO (Valladolid, Spain) include manufacturing facilities, replacement parts warehouse, technical office, administrative office, and RDI, enabling us to work efficiently and rapidly respond to client needs.